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Our Comprehensive Assessment Services provide our client organizations with increased confidence and effectiveness in their recruitment, promotion, professional development, and organizational development strategies. At the same time, using employee and organizational assessments significantly decreases the risk of making bad decisions with respect to individuals or organizational initiatives. Our assessment expertise enables us to provide you with crucial insights into the leadership qualities, competencies, skills and traits of individuals so that you can make the best decisions .


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Scientifically Validated Assessments

Our world-class suite of assessment tools is scientifically validated and professionally analyzed by experts in psychometric testing. No matter what assessment is required, with Ahria, rest assured that the results we provide are an accurate reflection of reality. 

New Hire and Employee Evaluation

Many employers rely on a subjective approach to hiring or promoting influenced by their own personal preferences, often leading to conflict on the right path forward. Managers may often rely on gut feelings derived almost exclusively from the interview process. Not surprisingly, most new hires depart after three years — over ⅔ leave within the first 12 months because of poor fit. Our assessment practice supports crucial decisions in the following areas:

  • New Hires
  • Promotions/Succession Planning
  • Performance Appraisal/Management
  • Career Management/Development 
  • Executive Coaching 

Organizational Assessments

Leading organizations understand that to be successful, a focus on leadership development, employee engagement, and organizational culture is critical. Understanding the state of these areas is essential to developing and implementing effective strategies to ensure organizational success. Ahria can help you gain better insight into the following areas: 

  • Culture
  • Engagement
  • Leadership & Team Effectiveness

Hiring the Right Candidate

We provide assessments to analyze individual strengths and weaknesses while highlighting differences. We tailor our approach using the very best measurements to predict each individual’s future job performance. Our tools can assess leadership style, attitudes, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, analytical ability, conflict resolution, and more.

Performance Appraisal and Management

Our multi-source feedback assessment process can help you determine your highest performing employees and the ones that may need further development or training. We are here to facilitate the process and assist with performance appraisals without ever compromising on quality or integrity.

Promotions and Succession Planning

Assessments provide an objective view of an individual’s strengths and opportunities as well as insights into their characteristics such as personal style, values, and motivators. Through our assessment process, you can better predict your team members’ future performance and create the best plan to help them develop.

Career Progression

We believe that in order to build an effective career plan, an individual must have access to objective information about their attributes and characteristics. With our assessment tools, employees get what they need to make informed choices about their careers. The result is enhanced confidence which in turn leads to greater engagement, productivity, and performance.

Leadership Development

Increasing self-awareness is the foundation of a successful coaching experience. Our assessments help executives and senior managers confirm their strengths and identify opportunities for development. Our analysis forms the basis of the individual’s development plan — the roadmap for an effective coaching intervention.

Culture Assessment

Ahria has developed a proprietary tool that assesses organizational culture. Our assessment captures eight different factors that take the pulse of an organization’s culture. These factors can be grouped into four different categories representing the core characteristics of the organization, the nature of the organization’s leaders, how the organization performs in the market, and what kinds of social interactions take place day to day. Our cultural assessment report provides an overall snapshot of your organization’s current culture as viewed by employees, as well as details about the alignment between your current and preferred organizational culture and about the consistency of how your organization’s culture is viewed among employees.

With a greater understanding of current organizational culture, leadership is better able to make strategic decisions around how to best move forward to ensure cultural alignment and achieve organizational success. 

Employee Engagement

At Ahria, we regularly receive requests from organizations looking to measure and improve the current levels of engagement in their workplace. Based on years of research, in conjunction with PhD students from Western University, we developed a new employee engagement survey designed to measure the three main components of employee engagement: dedication, effort and interest. The survey also includes a Net Promoter Score.

Leadership and Team Effectiveness

Our assessment tools can be used at an organizational level to take a snapshot of the effectiveness of your leadership team. Using a selection of tools, we can provide you with an overview of your leadership’s strengths and areas for development. Ahria consultants are also trained in a number of programs such as Energy LeadershipTM and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team that can be utilized to gain a better understanding of leadership team dynamics and strategies for improvement.

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